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cppdom Namespace Reference

namespace of the cppdom project. More...


class  HasAttributeNamePredicate
class  HasAttributeValuePredicate
class  XMLAttribute
 XML attribute class. More...

class  XMLAttributes
 xml tag attribute map contains all attributes and values a tag has, represented in a map. More...

class  XMLContext
 xml parsing context class. More...

class  XMLDocument
 xml document. More...

class  xmldtd_iterator
 dtd input stream iterator an iterator through a dtd input stream. More...

class  XMLError
 xml error class contains an XMLErrorCode and is thrown while parsing xml input. More...

class  XMLEventHandler
 Interface for xml parsing event handler. More...

class  XMLLocation
 xml stream position represents the position in the xml input stream; usable if load() throws an error on parsing xml content. More...

class  XMLNode
 xml node A node has the following properties name - The element name of the node type - The type of the node. More...

class  XMLParser
 xml parser implementation class. More...

class  xmlstream_iterator
 xml input stream iterator an iterator through all XMLToken contained in the xml input stream. More...

class  XMLToken
 an XMLToken is a representation for a literal character or a generic string (not recognized as a literal). More...

class  XMLTokenizer
 base class for iterating through XMLToken. More...


typedef int XMLTagNameHandle
 handle to a tagname string in a tagname map. More...

typedef std::map< XMLTagNameHandle,
std::string > 
 maps the tagname string to a handle. More...

typedef std::map< std::string,
std::string > 
 maps an entity to a string representation. More...

typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<
class XMLContext
 smart pointer for XMLContext. More...

typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<
class XMLEventHandler
 smart pointer to the event handler. More...

typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<
class XMLNode
 smart pointer to node. More...

typedef std::list< XMLNodePtrXMLNodeList
 list of node smart pointer. More...

typedef XMLNodeList::iterator XMLNodeListIterator
typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<
class XMLDocument


enum  XMLErrorCode {
  xml_unknown = 0, xml_instream_error, xml_opentag_expected, xml_opentag_cdata_expected,
  xml_closetag_expected, xml_pi_doctype_expected, xml_tagname_expected, xml_closetag_slash_expected,
  xml_tagname_close_mismatch, xml_attr_equal_expected, xml_attr_value_expected, xml_save_invalid_nodetype,
  xml_filename_invalid, xml_file_access, xml_dummy
 xml parsing error codes enumeration. More...

enum  XMLNodeType { xml_nt_node, xml_nt_leaf, xml_nt_document, xml_nt_cdata }
 node type enumeration. More...



Detailed Description

namespace of the cppdom project.

Typedef Documentation

typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<class XMLContext> cppdom::XMLContextPtr

smart pointer for XMLContext.

Definition at line 166 of file cppdom.h.

typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<class XMLDocument> cppdom::XMLDocumentPtr

Definition at line 540 of file cppdom.h.

typedef std::map<std::string,std::string> cppdom::XMLEntityMap

maps an entity to a string representation.

Definition at line 164 of file cppdom.h.

typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<class XMLEventHandler> cppdom::XMLEventHandlerPtr

smart pointer to the event handler.

Definition at line 168 of file cppdom.h.

typedef std::list<XMLNodePtr> cppdom::XMLNodeList

list of node smart pointer.

Definition at line 237 of file cppdom.h.

Referenced by cppdom::XMLNode::getChildren(), cppdom::XMLNode::getChildrenPred(), cppdom::XMLDocument::getDtdList(), and cppdom::XMLDocument::getPiList().

typedef XMLNodeList::iterator cppdom::XMLNodeListIterator

Definition at line 238 of file cppdom.h.

typedef cppdom_boost::shared_ptr<class XMLNode> cppdom::XMLNodePtr

smart pointer to node.

Definition at line 234 of file cppdom.h.

Referenced by cppdom::XMLNode::getChild().

typedef int cppdom::XMLTagNameHandle

handle to a tagname string in a tagname map.

Definition at line 160 of file cppdom.h.

Referenced by cppdom::XMLContext::getTagname(), and cppdom::XMLContext::insertTagname().

typedef std::map<XMLTagNameHandle,std::string> cppdom::XMLTagNameMap

maps the tagname string to a handle.

Definition at line 162 of file cppdom.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum cppdom::XMLErrorCode

xml parsing error codes enumeration.

Enumeration values:
xml_unknown  unspecified or unknown error.
xml_instream_error  error in the infile stream.
xml_opentag_expected  expected an open tag literal '<'.
xml_opentag_cdata_expected  expected a '<' or cdata.
xml_closetag_expected  expected a '>' closing tag literal.
xml_pi_doctype_expected  expected a processing instruction or doctype tag.
xml_tagname_expected  expected a tag name after '<' or '</'.
xml_closetag_slash_expected  expected a '/' after closing tag literal '<'.
xml_tagname_close_mismatch  tag name from start and end tag mismatch.
xml_attr_equal_expected  expected '=' after attribute name.
xml_attr_value_expected  expected value after an '=' in attribute.
xml_save_invalid_nodetype  invalid nodetype encountered while saving.
xml_dummy  dummy error code.

Definition at line 74 of file cppdom.h.

Referenced by cppdom::XMLError::getError(), and cppdom::XMLError::XMLError().

enum cppdom::XMLNodeType

node type enumeration.

Enumeration values:
xml_nt_node  normal node, can contain subnodes.
xml_nt_leaf  a leaf node, which contains no further nodes, eg.


xml_nt_document  document root node.
xml_nt_cdata  cdata node, which only contains char data.

Definition at line 223 of file cppdom.h.

Referenced by cppdom::XMLNode::getType(), and cppdom::XMLNode::setType().

00224    {
00225       xml_nt_node,      
00226       xml_nt_leaf,      
00227       xml_nt_document,  
00228       xml_nt_cdata      
00229    };

Variable Documentation

const char * cppdom::version = CPPDOM_XSTR(CPPDOM_VERSION_STRING)

Definition at line 62 of file version.cpp.

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