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cppdom::XMLError Class Reference

xml error class contains an XMLErrorCode and is thrown while parsing xml input. More...

#include <cppdom.h>

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Public Methods

 XMLError (XMLErrorCode code)
 constructor. More...

XMLErrorCode getError () const
 returns the error code. More...

void getStrError (std::string &error) const
 returns the string representation of the error code. More...

std::string getString () const
std::string getInfo () const
 return additional error info. More...

Protected Attributes

XMLErrorCode mErrorCode

Detailed Description

xml error class contains an XMLErrorCode and is thrown while parsing xml input.

Definition at line 103 of file cppdom.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cppdom::XMLError::XMLError XMLErrorCode    code


Definition at line 54 of file cppdom.cpp.

References cppdom::XMLErrorCode.

00055       : mErrorCode(code)
00056    {}

Member Function Documentation

XMLErrorCode cppdom::XMLError::getError   const

returns the error code.

Definition at line 58 of file cppdom.cpp.

References mErrorCode, and cppdom::XMLErrorCode.

00059    {
00060       return mErrorCode;
00061    }

std::string cppdom::XMLError::getInfo   const

return additional error info.

Definition at line 98 of file cppdom.cpp.

00099    {
00100       return "unknown error";
00101    }

void cppdom::XMLError::getStrError std::string &    error const

returns the string representation of the error code.

Definition at line 63 of file cppdom.cpp.

References cppdom::xml_attr_equal_expected, cppdom::xml_attr_value_expected, cppdom::xml_closetag_expected, cppdom::xml_closetag_slash_expected, cppdom::xml_dummy, cppdom::xml_file_access, cppdom::xml_filename_invalid, cppdom::xml_instream_error, cppdom::xml_opentag_cdata_expected, cppdom::xml_opentag_expected, cppdom::xml_pi_doctype_expected, cppdom::xml_save_invalid_nodetype, cppdom::xml_tagname_close_mismatch, cppdom::xml_tagname_expected, and cppdom::xml_unknown.

Referenced by getString().

00064    {
00065    // macro for keeping the errorcode switch short and easy
00066 #define XMLERRORCODE(x,y)  case x: err = y; break;
00068       const char *err;
00069       switch(mErrorCode)
00070       {
00071          XMLERRORCODE(xml_unknown,"unspecified or unknown error");
00072          XMLERRORCODE(xml_instream_error,"error in the infile stream");
00073          XMLERRORCODE(xml_opentag_expected,"expected an open tag literal '<'");
00074          XMLERRORCODE(xml_opentag_cdata_expected,"expected a '<' or cdata");
00075          XMLERRORCODE(xml_closetag_expected,"expected an '>' closing tag literal");
00076          XMLERRORCODE(xml_pi_doctype_expected,"expected a processing instruction or doctype tag");
00077          XMLERRORCODE(xml_tagname_expected,"expected a tag name after '<' or '</'");
00078          XMLERRORCODE(xml_closetag_slash_expected,"expected a '/' after closing tag literal '<'");
00079          XMLERRORCODE(xml_tagname_close_mismatch,"tag name from start and end tag mismatch");
00080          XMLERRORCODE(xml_attr_equal_expected,"expected '=' after attribute name");
00081          XMLERRORCODE(xml_attr_value_expected,"expected value after 'a' in attribute");
00082          XMLERRORCODE(xml_save_invalid_nodetype,"invalid nodetype encountered while saving");
00083          XMLERRORCODE(xml_filename_invalid,"invalid file name");
00084          XMLERRORCODE(xml_file_access,"could not access file");
00085          XMLERRORCODE(xml_dummy,"dummy error code (this error should never been seen)");
00086       }
00087       error.assign(err);
00088 #undef XMLERRORCODE
00089    }

std::string cppdom::XMLError::getString   const

Definition at line 91 of file cppdom.cpp.

References getStrError().

00092    {
00093       std::string err;
00094       getStrError(err);
00095       return err;
00096    }

Member Data Documentation

XMLErrorCode cppdom::XMLError::mErrorCode [protected]

Definition at line 121 of file cppdom.h.

Referenced by getError().

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