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cppdom Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cppdom_boost::detail::shared_deleter< T >
cppdom_boost::shared_ptr< T >Reference counting smart pointer
cppdom_boost::detail::shared_ptr_traits< T >
cppdom_boost::detail::shared_ptr_traits< void >
cppdom::XMLAttributeXML attribute class
cppdom::XMLAttributesXml tag attribute map contains all attributes and values a tag has, represented in a map
cppdom::XMLContextXml parsing context class
cppdom::XMLDocumentXml document
cppdom::xmldtd_iteratorDtd input stream iterator an iterator through a dtd input stream
cppdom::XMLErrorXml error class contains an XMLErrorCode and is thrown while parsing xml input
cppdom::XMLEventHandlerInterface for xml parsing event handler
cppdom::XMLLocationXml stream position represents the position in the xml input stream; usable if load() throws an error on parsing xml content
cppdom::XMLNodeXml node A node has the following properties name - The element name of the node type - The type of the node
cppdom::XMLParserXml parser implementation class
cppdom::xmlstream_iteratorXml input stream iterator an iterator through all XMLToken contained in the xml input stream
cppdom::XMLTokenAn XMLToken is a representation for a literal character or a generic string (not recognized as a literal)
cppdom::XMLTokenizerBase class for iterating through XMLToken

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